Custom Workshops

Custom Workshops

from 900.00

Does your organization, collective or industry group need an inspirational, useful, and effective half day or full day workshop? I would love to custom create a workshop for your team or peer group!

Potential elements include:

  • Social media marketing for small business

  • Finding local customers on social media

  • Nurture Groups (cohort-style deep connection groups)

  • Tackling inefficiency through clarifying your values

  • Using social media for good (small businesses as advocates)

  • Facilitated discussions on local support networks, niche marketing, etc.

Please contact me prior to booking to make sure that our schedules line up and that I’m the right person for the type of workshop you want! Are you a non-profit looking for 1-2 hour workshops for your low-income or underrepresented clients? Contact me directly for deeply discounted options!

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