Social Media Marketing Training + Support Package

Social Media Marketing Training + Support Package


I generally believe that outsourced social media management removes the magic of social media (i.e. who you are and why you do what you do). It can also be quite expensive! I’ve managed several accounts and I truly believe it’s not the best investment for your business and it’s not the best way to cultivate a relationship with your customers. If you feel like you need more support than a regular social media marketing training, this package is for you!

This course include:

- A 2.5 hour social media marketing training for 1-4 employees or contractors, covering why social media is an important marketing tool, how to achieve results, what resonates with customers, how social media can build community + support networks, basic cell phone photography, and more.

- 1 hour at your office or shop taking pictures (cell phone and/or Canon) of your staff, environment, products, etc.

- 8 lightly edited images edited for social media and a suggested ‘starter’ caption for each image (I give you a head start, but you/your staff need to get into the habit of writing captions!)

- Access to my Finding Local Customers on Social Media Workbook

- 30 days of email support, including reviewing your captions or images you’ve edited, if requested.

If you post twice a week, this package provides images for a month of content and gives your employees a base of what your images should look like moving forward. If social media just seems overwhelming to you, this package gives you a solid base from which to operate. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Testimonials for the SMM training course:

“Like many new business owners, I was overwhelmed by the number of workshops, courses, and networking groups all competing for my investment. As a sole proprietor providing local services, I was not enthusiastic about engaging in social media marketing until I met Allison. Her directed and practical advice gave me the tools I needed to authentically connect with my community both online and in person through the free resources on social media. I've made so many personal connections through the network I've been able to build using her strategies centered around giving back to my community. I highly recommend her class to anyone looking to authentically engage with their online networks in a way that doesn't consume their time, energy, or capital.”

"This class taught me so much.  I literally had almost 3 pages of notes! There was nothing about  this class that I didn't like.  I really appreciated the feedback I received for my own media sites.  It helped greatly! I loved the piece about taking pictures.  I learned SO MUCH. I have gotten quite a bit more traffic on my Instagram since using what I have learned.  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone!"

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