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I’m Ali, a small business consultant based in Tacoma, WA. I specialize in social media marketing training, niche marketing consultations, and connecting local businesses in meaningful ways. If you want to learn how social media can breathe life into your business and support network - you’ve come to the right place! Learn more about me and my in-person services; take a virtual course or come to a Tacoma area event!

Learn more about my approach to social media in this video from Business Matters on TV Tacoma.

Want to help me offer my services to local non-profit clients? Find me out on Patreon to support my ongoing community work.


My Philosophy

I believe that as we build our businesses, we should build community, too.  The idea of strengthening community (both virtual and local) infuses all of my projects.  Similarly, many of my events raise money for non-profits.  Even if community building is not on your radar, I would love to show you how building community can have a wonderful return on investment.

My Services

I offer a variety of consulting sessions, ranging from a one-on-one brainstorming session to staff-wide social media marketing training.  I offer a discount for non-profit clients and may be available for travel.  If my current services list doesn't cover what you need, send me an email!