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Summer Learn + Connect Series

This 4 part series is a repeat - with a twist - of this spring’s wonderful network + connect series. Each session will start with a short talk by a guest speaker, sharing with us their top tips on a specific topic (e.g. their top three suggestions for making bookkeeping simpler or #1 mistake they see small businesses make with their HR.) Then we’ll split into Nurture Groups, hand picked small groups designed to foster connection and support. You’ll stay in the same group for all four sessions, creating ongoing support relationships and looping back to tackle challenging topics.

This series is appropriate for anyone, whether you’re a seasoned business owner, helping a friend, dreaming and want a consistent space for feedback, or a serial entrepreneur starting yet another venture! This series is open to all women (self-identifying cis and trans) and non-binary folx.

DATES (all dates included in your registration)

11:30-1 @ AlignCatalyst
June 26 / July 10 / July 24 / August 7

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