Social Media Marketing Online Video Course

Social Media Marketing Online Video Course

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Now you can access my best-selling social media marketing for small business workshop - online! This purpose-built course is jam packed with tips and tactics to help you create a social media marketing strategy that is effective, efficient and authentic. We’ll cover how often you need to post (based on your goals), what kinds of posts and images resonate with customers, how to plan ahead and streamline posting (without third party apps), and how to find customers on Instagram and Facebook.

This course contains;

  • 50 minutes of video, broken into segments

  • A detailed course outline (great for taking notes)

  • My Top 10 Jump Start PDF, which will help you get started with the most important first steps.

After your purchase, you will automatically receive an email with a download link - follow that link to sign into Teachable. Once you sign into that system, you’ll have access 24 hours per day. Audio MP3 of the video course available upon request.

Looking for an in-person course? Click the Events tab, I run an in-person Social Media Marketing course 3-4 times per year, as well as offering one on one and staffwide trainings.

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