Nurture Group Network - Kid Friendly

Nurture Group Network - Kid Friendly

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Join Ali for the 2nd round of kid-friendly network and connect! Get the benefits of small group networking - where the focus is getting to know each other in depth and helping each other solve problems, rather than just handing out business cards - without needing to get a sitter. I will introduce the format, keep the conversation moving and make sure everyone gets their questions answered. We have the conference room from 930-1130.

While this is kid-friendly, there is no childcare. There is a play kitchen outside of the conference room, for those with older kids that can be lightly supervised. I will bring drawing materials for younger kids who need to stay with us in the conference room. I will have my 4 year old with me! Coffee and snacks can be purchased directly from Red Elm.

All types of business owners, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, dreamers or career professionals are welcome - this is a fun, cozy way to get to know people in a much deeper and more lasting way than traditional networking events! If you have business cards or flyers for an upcoming event - feel free to bring them, we'll lay them out on the table so that we don't have to pass them out individually!

Price is $10 until 3/19 and $15 after.

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